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  • Wild Wednesday Webinar - January 30th 2019

Wild Wednesday Webinar - January 30th 2019

  • Wednesday, January 30, 2019
  • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Register here for our December Webinar.

“Developing A Sound Marketing Plan, Your Roadmap to Success”

This webinar will help you uncover your REAL potential with your business. Roughly 3% of business owners and salespeople in the promotions industry have a “written” marketing plan – astounding! Which just proves how reactive our industry really is. How can you be truly successful, how can you grow, how can you be most profitable without a plan? Agreed, you may get lucky – for a while, but is it sustainable? This webinar will spell out a number of steps that will help align your goals in a way that you WILL see ultimate success; I will share a few case histories to prove it. This one you won’t want to miss.”
Attendees will learn:
* Breaking down your business
* Establishing a vertical market structure to identify the strengths & weaknesses within your client base
* Determining the classification levels of clients so you know the best clients and best markets to attack
* Learn the metrics behind developing a sound marketing budget and how to allocate those funds properly throughout the year

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